45th Reunion Scrapbook page 1
45th Reunion Scrapbook page 2
45th Reunion Scrapbook Page Three
Left to right, top to bottom: Please email me if I need to correct something. -Judy

Patta Stevens, Larry Rose, Rosemarie Salmon, Judy Calhoun
Don Vincent
Elaine Sorrels, Leona Lutes, Jeanine Justice
Gail Thomas, Georgina Butler, Susan Hicks, Mary Hayes
Bob Jensen, Bob Ledesma, Linda Jensen
Betty Williams, Annette Green, Barbara Wilson
Sylvia Wafer, Patta Stevens, Rosemarie Salmon, Mary Hayes
Barbara Foote, Jim Page
John Yamamoto
Tom and Barbara Rice
Jeanne Marumoto, Fred Palenschat
Martha Landon
Judy Miller Gosnell and David Gosnell