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Pete Davies with his horse Fargo on a 50 mile ride. 
2012. (Thank you Judy Davies for sending this photo and
sharing this wonderful comment with us: "He's a hard dog
 to keep under the porch".)
Don Vincent provided the following Information on his 1925 Ford Depot Hack.
"My friend redid the body. It is hopefully to be parade ready by summer.
Presently my hillside in VT reads minus 5. The windchill is about minus 25. 
A few more days and we may get into the 20s

Louise and I moved to the San Francisco area and both got jobs in the aerospace industry where I met Mike, got married, had fun for several years, then had Carrie and built a house. Played mom until Carrie went away to collage, by then we had accumulated a place in Mexico where we spend a lot of time. Mike took early retirement (1996) and we commuted from Silicon Valley to the place in Mexico for several years. Somewhere in there Carrie got married and settled in Southern California. We sold the place we built 30 years before and moved South, home is where the grand kids are located. Carrie located a condo with a 5 car garage and we bought it. We were able to knock 400 miles off our commute to Mexico and be within 15 minutes of the grand kids, what could be better?

Enclosed a picture of Mike and I on the malecon, near our house, several years ago in Loreto, BCS, Mexico. Mike is an avid woodworker and spends a lot of time in his shop, probably a good thing, otherwise he would be helping me. As I approach each birthday I remember that old saw, "If I knew I was going to last this long, I would have taken better care of myself!"  click here to add text.