Question for you: Do you still have one of those miniature cedar chests made by LANE and handed out by Burnett's of Chula Vista at graduation?? I do, and I usually put jewelry in it. Right now it contains two CVHS patches and one little box from Russia. Email me if you still have yours, and let me know if you still use it or if you gave it to one of your kids or grandkids or ?? Did the boys get one, or just the girls?

Did you end up buying a real cedar chest from this promotion and use it as a "hope chest"?
I did.  Here's something funny or should I say pathetic...the first thing I put in my big cedar chest when I went to college (I lived with my grandparents and had a big bedroom) was a package of new dishcloths. Yikes. The symbolism hasn't been lost on me every time I think about that. :D:D  Now, of course, I would opt for a Faberge Egg, a passport, an amber necklace, letters from friends or something much more interesting! :D :D  Send your stories to my email address!  Judy Miller Gosnell:
POSTED 3/23/2010 
I just finished looking at the website & all the wonderful pictures, etc. I tried to e-mail Judy to tell her a funny story about the Lane cedar chests we rcvd at graduation, but my message didn't go thru. Could you forward this to her or give me her e-mail. When I moved to Virginia the first time in 1986 my husband's parents lived in Alta Vista, VA. where the Lane Cedar Chest Co. was & had been for many many years! I thought that was kinda funny...sadly they aren't there anymore. 
As ever, Janet Woodley Thompson 

POSTED 5/23/2010
I still have mine - it holds some older jewelry.
As an accomplished thrift shopper, I run into these little chests quite often - too bad they didn't put the graduation date in them.  
They come from furniture stores all over the USA.
After reading Janet's post, re Lane CC co in Virginia,   It would be interesting to have mapped the locations to see if they were more popular in some areas of the country.  To get all the way to Chula Vista, got them to cross the country.  Did the boys get a similar gift??  Jude Gassaway

POSTED 9/29/2010
I do! And it is on my dresser and has old letters, political buttons, photos of grandchildren and pins from high school and such.  
I am consistently amazed that it still stays together after all the moves through the years. 
Patricia Padgett Saddler

​POSTED 6/8/2013
I still have mine and has been in use all of these years. I have used the cedar chest to store my memories of each decade: a locket with my dad's picture, my baby birthstone ring, also my infant gold band which had been tied to my wrist with a pretty pink ribbon et al. Now I store little note and drawings from my great grand daughter Jessyka. She loves her Nana very much, which happens to be me.
Frances Cirini/Houtz