REUNION PICTURES- 30th and 40th
<<< Hey, fishin' buddy, where are ya?
Rosemarie Salmon
Shirlie Newport Willson
Vernon Mullins
Annette Green
Peggy Patrick
Sandra Waters Bates
Paul Loria and Don Long
Mary Lou Stopani
Bob Ledesma
Bob Jensen, Gaylen Allen, and Steve White
Robert and Lysette Montgomery

James Patrick n Judy Humphrey
John Yamamoto
Betty Williams & Vernon Mullins
David Nutley
Bob Ledesma
Larry Rose
Betty Williams
Diane Meador, Shirley Weedman, Judy Miller (30th)
James Patrick
Dolores Ledesma, James Patrick, RD Wright
Mary Lou Stopani, Bev Turley, Gail Thomas
R.D. Wright and
Doug Price
Bob Meyer, Steve and Ellen White
Marilyn Westerman
Peggy Lucero
Can you identify people? Send me email, tell me photo number and left to right who is in the picture!!   If you sent photo info recently, please resend. We had an email crash! :(  Thanks, Judy Miller. Click for email here.
Georgina and Marilyn
Bob Jensen>
sitting William & Jeanne (Marumoto) Elyea-
Karen Halfery Davis standing to our left.

Thanks to Chuck R. and Jim and Gina for help on identifying, and to others who sent me email.
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