'50 Ford  (with George Baris Custom Pinstriping and Flames); my grandparents were really embarrassed to have it parked in front of their houses!  The car first belonged to Larry Hewitt; he sold it to me and I sold it in Bakersfield in 1958 when I was in college...for $200!! My grown kids wish I still had it!   Judy Miller
Robert Ledesma's Car,
Thanks Virginia for sending these!
In 1956, the Interstate Highway System (FREEWAY SYSTEM) was established. So, in 1957, we were starting to see new highways, new freeways built in our area. Anyone have a story about these??
Before 1957, license plates varied in size and shape from one jurisdiction to the other. Standardization of plates came in 1957, when automobile manufacturers came to agreement with governments and international standards organizations. While peculiar local variants still exist, there are three basic standards worldwide. From WICKIPEDIA, look up license plate.